Grass Turfing across Farnham, Guildford, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Aldershot and Surrounding Areas.

Sometimes regardless of how hard you attempt, your lawn won’t improve with your efforts and you require a landscaping provider of grass turf who’s experienced in handling and laying Grass Turf. In case you are interested in Grass Turfing, Countywide Paving and Landscapes as paving and landscaping specialists with over 20 years experience of Landscaping will supply a professional service that will achieve the results.

No matter what your Lawn Turfing requirements, please call us today to discuss and receive if appropriate your free quotation.

For your personal Grass Turfing needs Countywide Paving and Landscapes will handle each of the appropriate aspects, namely:

  • Site Clearance
  • Soil preparation for turf
  • Ensure correct amount of turf is bought
  • Laying of turf
  • Advise on aftercare.

Countywide Paving and Landscapes as landscaping specialists can provide Lawn Turfing for brand new or refurbished properties where in the past no grass was present, or Re-Turfing where an existing lawn or sections of it need to be dug out and changed.

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